3 Parts for Your Killer Morning Workout

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This isn’t your average morning workout.  No 30minute runs here! This is a small 5-10 minute circuit-style bodyweight workout created specifically to wakn up your body! Due to its brevity yet intense flexibility demands, it helps to loosen the body and stimulate endorphin production.

In order to maximize benefits it is important to keep two things in mind:

  • Don’t just perform any ‘ol routine — make sure they exercise elements are in line with your overall fitness goals.
  • ASAP. Do it right away!  First thingin the morning. This helps make it habitual, and leaves minimal room for excuses.

Now for the simple 3 part recipe:

No. 1  Explosivity

In order to get your blood pumping like crazy, boost muscle building, and elevate your metabolism for the day to come, you need to include at least one sort of explosive exercise in your routine. Obvious examples would be jump squats/lunges, however you could also try box jumps or tornado jumping jacks.

No. 2 Static Stretch Movement

What better way to get loose and limber than by stretching.  This element to be your traditional stretch, but a stretch movement. Some popular, and easy to execute examples include  Bulgarian split squats with bottom holds and lateral lunges with a hold at the bottom.

No. 3 K.I.S.S. (Keep it Short and Sweet)

The goal is to perform this workout daily. As a general rule, keep under 15minutes, and don’t inundate it with reps. Try to perform the whole circuit with little to no break between exercises. Perform it once on workout days, and twice on non-workout days. If done twice, rest 20-30 seconds between exercises.

Sample Morning Workout Routine – Target Area: Lower Body

Lower Body Exercise w/ Static Hold

  • 8-15 reps
  • Ex: Full squats with 3-second hold on the bottom

Upper Body Exercise

  • 8-15 reps
  • Ex: Push-up variations, bench dips

Lower Body Exercise

  • 8-12 reps per leg
  • Ex: Lunges, Bulgarian split squats, single-leg squats

Core Exercise

  • 15-30 sec hold
  •  Ex: Plank, stomach vacuums, V-sit, 6-inch ab raises

Explosive Lower Body Exercise

  • 10-15 reps
  • Ex: jump squats, jump lunges, tornado


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    Since I alleged in my last post that I am aware that my body may no longer look like it did a year ago, I thought I would reblog this post. I find the information great for a person like me – who has a ton of excuses. Not only that, it is pretty easy to follow.

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