Get Lean with Albolene

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What is Albolene?

Albolene is a moisturizing cleanser originally used to remove makeup. The compound is strong enough to remove stubborn makeup such as mascara and theater makeup. Not only is it effective at cleansing the skin, but has been shown to be healthy for the skin. Albolene has been used by professional athletes, especially boxers, to meet their weigh-in requirements.  Albolene became popular as a low cost alternative to Sweet Sweat.

Weight Loss

By modifying the function of the skin, Albolene is able to induce more-than-normal sweat production from the areas that it is applied to. Albolene in itself does not burn fat, calories or increase metabolism. When applied to “trouble areas,” Albolene acts as a moisture barrier. While this seems contrary to statements about its ability to increase skin health, it increases sweat production only when it is applied very heavily. Weight is lost due to a significant decrease in water weight only.


From the website: Also, to punch up your workout, you’ll want to really sweat. First, make sure your heart rate is at a level that is burning weight (which will be dependent on your fitness goals and present weight). Second, to really help you sweat and lose inches quickly, apply Albolene to your trouble spots before working out. It is a boxer’s secret used for decades to help them make weight before a fight. The Albolene acts as a blanket on the skin, causing heat to be trapped in trouble spots (like your tummy or thighs), allowing you to sweat more and burn inches quicker. It liquefies on contact with the skin, too, and is absorbed, so you aren’t left with a greasy feeling on your skin.

Wearing trimming belts or shorts made of materials such as neoprene will also increase perspiration. The website concludes that the effects will be only temporary if you don’t keep up a regular exercise regimen. Without some physical exertion, Albolene is largely ineffective as a weight loss tool.


Per the company website, Albolene is not recommended for individuals with oily skin, because it changes how the skin functions and could cause dry skin.

The focus of the weight-loss ability of Albolene is its ability to shed water weight, dehydration is a possibility. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after workouts is advised to stay hydrated and flush out toxins.

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