5 Tips to Improve Leg Day Recovery

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For most its not leg day that is the problem — its the day(s) AFTER leg day that is critical.  You know, the day you walk around looking like Bambi.  The simple tasks of yesterday, getting out of a chair, or walking up stairs, become the trials of today.  If you’ve ever been subjected to the soreness of the day(s) after leg day…then this post is for you!

Proper Nutrition.

Especially after lifting. Recovery meals are incredibly important and under utilized. It is best to consume a meal that consists of a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein within 90 minutes of lifting. If you can’t get a meal, that’s ok — try drinking a protein shake that contains carbs.


Balance — Workout Smarter Not Harder.

Creating a balanced leg day routine is important, especially for newbies. If you are doing a lot of quad dominate exercises (aka “pressing”), add more “pulling” like exercises to the routine, such as deadlifts. This may help take stress off the front part of your legs.


Fall in LOVE with Foam Rollers.

It is definitely not always the best feeling rolling over knots in your legs. Trust and believe, it helps aid in the speedy recovery from soreness. As well as helps prevent and treat minor muscle injuries.


Warm-up & Cool-down.

Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest difference. There are varied schools of thought on whether either of these are truly necessary. However, if you are noticing extreme soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness), then it may be worth you implementing these into your workout – or even lengthening the time for each. Also note, every workout is not the same, it may take you longer to get into a grove, break a sweat or feel loose enough to perform a proper workout. Pay attention to your body and let it tell you when/what is adequate.


Stretch, Stretch, Stretch.

It is critically important to perform post work out stretches to help with flexibility and reduce the risk of DOMS. As there are many different muscles in the legs, depending which area you have worked will determine the stretches that need to be performed.

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