#WorkoutWednesday: Body Weight Workout for Legs & Butt

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This quick workout can be done at home or in the gym.  The 8 exercises focus on your Legs and Glutes to help sculpt the perfect butt!


Each Rep is 1 set, to be performed in its entirety with a 30 second rest before moving on to the next exercise.  To make the workout more challenging you can add weights, increase reps/sets, or even repeat the entire workout multiple times.

  1. Body Weight Squat x10
  2. Lateral Lunges x10
  3. Body Weight Lunge x10
  4. Reverse Lunge x10
  5. Jump Squat x10
  6. Mountain Climbers x10
  7. Glute Bridge x10
  8. Flutter Kicks x10

For clarification on proper form, visit the Resources Page

photo credit: via photopin

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