Egg Whites 101

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A great thing about egg white is that it is not high in calories, because each egg has about 75 calories, so when you take out yolk, you successfully remove about 60 calories, leaving just 15 calories from the egg white!

Full of Healthy Components

Egg whites are rich in

  • folate
  • thiamine
  • phosphorus
  • B6
  • zinc
  • panthothenic acid
  • calcium
  • B12
  • Nutrients: Selenium, Calcium, Amino Acids
  • Full vitamins: A, E, D and K

Egg whites are low source of fat, which is why it is good for all those who want to have high protein, yet low fat diet.

Perfect for bodybuilding!

The repair and development of muscles is directly affected by the total amount of protein that is available in the body. Egg whites are one of the best sources of protein, and the amino acids that are key components in making complete proteins.

Increases immunity

Egg whites also keep your immune system functioning properly. Aiding your body in fighting off, and recovering much faster from various illnesses.

Bottom Line

Egg whites can provide you with high quality protein without any risks associated with cooked or raw counterparts. The best way to get maximum benefits from eggs is to consume them in moderation, preferably without the egg yolk.

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