Cheat Day vs. Cheat Meal

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What is a Cheat Day/Meal

The cheat daymeal plan allows you to eat what you want for an entire day or meal. You must strictly adhere to your healthier meal planning during the rest of the week.  What most fitness newbies don’t know is that the cheat day plan is generally meant for off-season bodybuilders, marathon runners and triathletes almost exclusively.  Cheat meals are a better bet for the average person, so long as the rest of the meals of the day are structured to compensate for it.

Why Cheat?

When dieting for fat loss, the average intake of carbohydrates and calories tend to be low. After awhile your body will realize it is taking in fewer calories than it is burning. In turn, it will try to balance itself by becoming more efficient and your metabolism drops. This is not good when fat loss is the goal, and cheat days will trick the body into thinking it is getting enough calories (if not too many) and the body will then ignite its fat burning metabolism.

From a mental aspect, cheating is a method to allow foods you do not normally eat. This way nothing is ever “off limits” — there’s a time and place for all foods.

Cons of Cheat Days & Meals

  • Overeating a ton of junk during the scheduled cheat day/meal
  • Overeating on certain foods just because its off limits.
  • Intense cravings/withdrawals during the week
  • Eating processed foods and feeling sick and lethargic

…to name a few

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

This is entirely up to you.  It depends on you and your fitness goals!  Just make sure you educate yourself fully, make a plan and work it out!

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