To Weigh Yourself?

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There are plenty of arguments about when to weigh yourself, IF you should weigh yourself, how to way yourself — you name it.  The bottom line is it all depends on your fitness goals.  For some weighing in every day helps with accountability.  For others its a way to reflect on the day, diet and workout from before.

However, before starting (or continuing) a relationship with your scale.  There are three important things you need to remember.

  1. Weigh yourself on a flat surface (& carpet does not count)
  2. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning*
  3. Muscle weighs more than fat (i.e. as you life you may see an increase in weight)

Why in the Morning?

Due to the huge daily fluctuation in weight you MUST weigh yourself first thing in the morning (after you go to the bathroom but before you eat or drink anything). Measuring at any other time will leave you with less accurate results.  Women can skip those times of the month when you feel bloated.

*unless you’re measuring pre and post-workout hydration levels.

Consistency is Key!

Weighing yourself daily lets you know when things may be going off track, so that you can make small changes, even day to day. That’s much better than realizing after a month that you’ve gained seven pounds and are feeling that you need to make drastic changes to get back to where you want to be. Drastic changes often backfire.

You must also weight yourself every single day to provide sufficient data for accurate trendlines. As weight can fluctuate daily — more data will also help you determine an average. Which will more accurately reflect your weight than a day to day number.

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