5 Steps to Accurately Track Your Progress

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Recording your weight, is only part of the picture — and it can present a distorted picture at that! Below are other factors that you should take into consideration and record regularly to get an accurate assessment of your true progress!

Take a picture

Take a picutre of yourself from three different angles:

  1. Facing Front
  2. Profile
  3. Behind

Wait abut 2 weeks before taking your next installation of pictures.  These pictures will help you see things that numbers wont.  Coupled with the measurements you are going to take next, you will have a pretty detailed idea of your starting point and/or progress to date.

Take measurements

Buy a soft/cloth tape measure from your local drugstore or craft store — and take the circumference of the areas listed below.  Feel free to add (but preferably not omit) measurements from below.  Make sure whatever measurements you choose you consistently track about every 2 weeks.

  • Neck
  • Bust
  • Chest
  • Calve
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thigh

Measure your body fat percentage

This one is a little tricky depending on your resources and financial situation. There are multiple methods which you can use and results can be all over.  You can go to a gym and have it done professional, buy a caliper, some scales have it built in (not so accurate) there’s a tape measure formula, a hand held device etc etc.  The main thing to remember is once you start using a method – stick with it! Do not vary between multiple, because you will end up with %’s that are all over.

The most cost effective method is to use your tape measurements and the US Navy Formula for Body Fat Estimate (here’s an online one).

Track Your Food

Simply put, people over eat.  It is much easier to over eat, or over look subconscious snacking when not in the habit of recording what you eat.  Little snacks here and there add up — and can quickly sabotage any progress made. There are various calorie counting methods, and tools.  Pick one, make a plan and work that plan.  Do not let your success be deterred by your diet!

Track Your Workouts

The best way to know if you are getting stronger or running faster is to take note!  There’s a post about tracking your workouts here.

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