Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

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Why is Comparing Unhealthy

One of the most detrimental things you can do in your fitness journey is to comparing yourself to others. We all compare ourselves to others, and it’s nearly impossible for us to make these comparisons and still think we’re good enough. Stop comparing yourself to other people today! You have only one benchmark, and that is you! Congratulate others but focus on yourself. Celebrate achieving small goals. Keep your eye on the ball!

How to STOP the Comparisons

  • Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges: Stop comparing yourself to others and complaining that you don’t look like them, especially if that person is a public figure, athlete, or appears too good to be true.  It’s okay to have #fitspirations — but it is not healthy to compare your progress to someone who can spend more time in the gym, has a different body type, personal chef etc.
  • Get rid of the temptation for unhealthy comparison.  Stop reading magazines and pining over the photoshopped images, stop idolizing celebrities, and stop putting yourself in situations where you have no choice but to feel inferior!
  • You are your ONLY benchmark.  Use your workout log, goals, sessions, measurements etc to track your progress. Make SMART goals and chart your success. CELEBRATE that success and let yourself be great!

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