Fitness Affirmations Prt. 2

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The original post about fitness affirmations, The Power of Fitness Affirmations, listed 12 affirmations to get you on your way.  Here’s  twelve more…

Fitness Affirmations

  1. Exercise revitalizes my body and refreshes my mind.
  2. I enjoy keeping myself fit and strong.
  3. I exercise regularly and it shows.
  4. I feel good about the way I look.
  5. I look and feel fantastic in my new fit body.
  6. I love being fit and strong.
  7. I love creating my dream physique.
  8. I love to feel the burn after exercise.
  9. I never miss a workout.
  10. I put total effort into all my work outs.
  11. I speed up my metabolism by exercising regularly.
  12. I turn fat into lean muscle quickly and easily.

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