Set Yourself Up For Fitness Success

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Setting your fitness goals is easy enough. Achieving them is what takes work. These tips can help you stay focused and on the right track making your workload a lot lighter. Add a few tips at a time into your fitness regimen and sore your way into success.  Check back often for updates or feel free to comment with your own tips!

  1. Reward yourself for incremental success
  2. Make your challenge public or enlist a friend
  3. Keep a workout log & journal
  4. Set a daily reminder
  5. Plan your workout & work your plan
  6. Keep a food journal
  7. Get fun workout clothes
  8. Get proper rest & track your sleep
  9. Set mini goals that line up with your major goals  (goals for your goals)
  10. Set SMART goals
  11. Educate yourself about fitness (check our Resources page to start)
  12. Don’t sweat it if you skip a day
  13. Stay focused
  14. Have fun
  15. Drink lots of water
  16. Don’t reward yourself with food! (you are not a dog!)
  17. Educate yourself about proper nutrition
  18. Don’t be afraid of weights
  19. Schedule breaks & take them!
  20. Don’t skimp on carbs (*if your goal is #teamfitthick)

1 comments on “Set Yourself Up For Fitness Success”

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