Home Workout Essentials

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Appropriate Gear: Clothing & Shoes!

If dressed in improper clothing your workout is probably going to be less than satisfactory.  You can find workout clothes all over, and they don’t have to cost an arm and leg.  Just make sure they are comfortable! As for your shoes, whatever choice you make, make sure it provides the support you need for the type of training you will do.  Most sporting goods stores can help fit you for your perfect pair.


Stability Ball

Stability Balls can be used alone for ab workouts, stability ball exercises, and stretches, or used in conjunction with hand weights as a balance-challenging weight bench.  It is important to note that they do come in different sizes.  To maximize your results, and protect your back, choose a ball that is appropriate for your height.

Resistance Bands

Rubberized resistance bands aid in building muscle. They come in different resistances, coded by color for beginning, intermediate and advanced.  Control is the most important key to maximizing muscle toning and avoiding injury. When you’ve reached the top of the move, don’t let the band snap back — pause, then release slowly, resisting against the band’s pull.


These are excellent for building muscle, toning and sculpting your body. They come in various weights ranging from 3-10lbs and even more.  It is important to note that as a beginner it is better to start with lesser weights to avoid injury.

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your level of exertion and tracking calorie burn will help you track your fitness progress.  It will also let you know the effectiveness of your workouts, to maximize your results. Using a heart rate monitor with your at-home workouts will allow you to see exactly where you are at all times. You will learn which of your workouts are high intensity, and which workouts are focused on building strength and stamina for harder moves.

Supplemental Materials:

Workout Log

Read about it in this post.


Music is proven to help pump up the intensity and get you in a groove.  Check here for some workout playlists!

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