Don’t Worry — Workout!

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wor-ry: verb (used without object)

to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret.

Worrying is probably one of the most counter productive behaviors one could possibly engage in.  Joyce Meyer describes it perfectly when she says, “ Worry is like a rocking chair—it’s always in motion but it never gets you anywhere. ”  There is no good reason to worry, it ceases to solve any problems, but it does give you the ability to create more.  When you start worrying it is like a domino effect, ultimately leading to negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts can lead to doubt, negative self talk, comparisons and many other things that can impede your fitness goals.

When you see that you are beginning to embark on the anxiety stricken path of worry. Intercede on behalf of peace of mind!  Worrying is a choice that you can choose not to partake in.  It does not change the fact that it is unnecessary stress and torment you place on yourself.   There are several different ways you can attempt to combat worry, and ultimate get you out of the habit of it all together:

  • Create Affirmations.  If there is a particular consistent worry in your life, create an affirmation that can quickly be recalled on spot — to offset this worry.  Focus them on positives about your body, and your workout goals. Ex. “As my body becomes slimmer I feel a great sense of lightness and freedom.”
  • Join a Community. When you are connected to a source bigger than yourself, you have support, and you are held accountable.
  • Do not engage. Don’t be sucked into silly arguments, debates or negative discussions. One of my favorite Ghandi quotes: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their muddy feet.” Don’t even let that person be YOU!
  • Know your triggers and proactively avoid them. If there are certain situations that you are not ready for — if you can avoid them.  Do not avoid them forever, but at least until you have girded yourself in whatever way needed to be able to calmly handle the situations.  Are you not ready for #fitspo images, because you engage in comparisons? That’s perfectly fine.  Stay away from them for awhile until you are comfortable and confident in your own progress!
  • Do what you can, when you can. Procrastination, in any aspect of life, will only make you feel more overwhelmed. Take whatever steps you can towards finding solutions. This will make you feel more peaceful.

No matter what the worry, do not succumb to it.  You have the choice and the tools — so choose not to worry, and just keep working out!

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