Nutrition Basics Prt. 3

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Fitness Nutrition 101

1:2:3 Rule

In each of your meals (5-6), approximately 1 part of the calories should come from fats, 2 parts from protein and 3 parts from carbohydrates. Always eat a carbohydrate with a protein.

Whether you’re fitness goals involve losing fat or adding lean muscle, it is encouraged fluctuate your caloric intake to maximize results. The details can be a little tricky, it is best to contact your doctor a nutritionist before calculating something like this solely on your own.

It is important to remember that not all proteins and carbohydrates are equal. The protein in fatty meat and whole dairy products is more difficult to digest  as compared to whey protein, lean meat and fat free dairy products. The highest quality proteins are found in egg whites and whey/soy protein. There are also many types of carbohydrates. Simple processed sugars like those in candy and soda, will spike your energy levels, however, they will fall just as quickly. Complex unprocessed carbohydrates, like those in grains, fruits, and vegetables will give you a more constant supply of energy until your next meal.

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